DMCA Management handles takedown notices for online service providers.

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About DMCA Management

DMCA Management helps thousands of website operators and other online service providers (OSPs) ensure their compliance with DMCA legislation by administering a rigorous and secure reporting service for DMCA takedown notices and other requests for the removal of allegedly copyright infringing material.

Benefits for service providers

Streamline the collection and processing of takedown notices and improve your relationship with content owners.

Ensure DMCA Compliance

Online service providers have a duty to act responsively to notification of infringement on their networks. We can help you achieve this.

Takedown Claims Handling

We handle the collection of data required for content removal requests under DMCA law in a thorough, secure, straight-forward manner.

Streamlined Processing

We validate the information submitted in claims, saving time for service providers, reporting agents, and copyright holders.

Benefits for copyright holders

We ask all the right questions to ensure your claim is filed correctly, validated immediately, and dealt with promptly.


File your claim using our online form. We request all the information needed for your notice to be successfully actioned.


Your details are sent over an encrypted connection. We only share your information with the website you are filing against.


Even if this is the first time you've issued a DMCA takedown notice, our reporting service will guide you through step by step.

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If you have any questions about our DMCA takedown notice submission service, our support team is ready to help :)

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